Journal Publications

Internet Search: subdivision-based interactive query expansion and the soft semantic web.
M. Chli, P. De Wilde, in Applied Soft Computing, Volume 6, Issue 4, Special Issue on Application of Soft Computing in Information & Communication Technology (ICT), pages 372-383, Elsevier, August 2006.


The expansion of the Internet has made the task of searching a crucial one. Internet users, however, have to make a great effort in order to formulate a search query that returns the required results. Many methods have been devised to assist in this task by helping the users modify their query to give better results. In this paper we propose an interactive method for query expansion. It is based on the observation that documents are often found to contain terms with high information content, which can summarise their subject matter. We present experimental results, which demonstrate that our approach significantly shortens the time required in order to accomplish a certain task by performing web searches.


Internet search, Query formulation, Search process, Clustering, Soft semantic web