Convergence and Knowledge Processing in Multi-Agent Systems.
Series: Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing.
Series Editors: L.C. Jain and X. Wu
Maria Chli and Philippe De Wilde,
ISBN 978-1-84882-062-3,
London, UK
Springer, 2009.


Multi-agent systems are complex systems comprised of multiple intelligent agents that act either independently or in cooperation with one another. Agent-based modelling is a method for studying complex systems like economies, societies, ecologies etc. Due to their complexity, very often mathematical analysis is limited in its ability to analyse such systems. In this case, agent-based modelling offers a practical, constructive method of analysis.

The objective of this book is to shed light on some emergent properties of multi-agent systems. The authors focus their investigation on the effect of knowledge exchange on the convergence of complex, multi-agent systems.


Adaptive behaviour, Agent-based Computational Economics, Decision Making, Distributed Systems, Economics, Equilibrium Distribution, Games, Intelligent agents, Multi-agent systems, Stability.